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Halilov G.Z.

The USA showed the greatest humanity on the eve of Independence Day -2005: The senate of the United States apologized formally to victims of Lynch law and their descendents. Obviously, America is great moral power, because it found courage to ask pardon of Afro-Americans.

Russia remains always behind. It annoys us, but we are not ashamed. We are not guilty. “Russia, one might say, had no luck in something,… 250 years of the Mongol-Tatar yoke, that was utterly hard and, of cause, this fact threw Russia for many years back” – V.V.Pozner recently summed up the totals of the program “Vremena”. It suddenly came into my mind a confident voice of a teacher of history. She did not grudge dark colures. Maitre-thanks to him- made a slip in speech, that Russians are not better than other people, but are the same as everybody.


The history of Mongol-Tatar invasion of Europe dose not stand up to scientific criticism. The historians speak and write about it from the time of this story happening. There are a lot of arguments. It is enough to get acquainted with archival documents of Vatican. Popes made no mention of Tatar-Mongol. In their letters they wrote about other affairs. Though, in 1246 the Pope gave the right to his legate (representative) –archbishop of Prussia, Livoniya and Estonia to send the bishops to Russian principalities. He wrote about sending of Brother Aleksey and his colleague, the two Dominicans from Bohemia who were permanent confessors with the commissions. In the message of Pope Innokenty VI “To John Glorious King of Russia” is written about accepting Catholicism by him, according to request of the Pope. For this reason Pope Legate –archbishop of Prussia and Estonia was sent. It was the Grand Prince of Moscow and Vladimir John II Krotkiy (1326-1358) who “voluntarily” accepted protection of pontific. The Vatican documents are indisputable evidence of the fact that Russian Dukes strengthened in their rights for the Pope governing, but not Mongol shepherds ruling who came from Gobi desert. It means that “Tatar yoke” is a pure European phenomenon. No super hardy Mongols did shake the universal, did inspire fear on Europe. The Pope did not know about them, because they were invented later.

But any myth is a weak reflection of real historical events. What historical events does the story about Mongol-Tatar invasion underlie? According to the opinion of some scholars, in fact it was as following.

As a result of Constantinople conquest (1204) induced by crusade and organized by Vatican, Byzantium fell. Byzantium emperor Fyodor I Lascaris stepped back to the East, to the Middle Asia, created Nikeiskaya Empire and his dynasty lived with just one idea: to return their possessions, reconquer Constantinople from atheistic Tartar- Catholics.

The Pope continued to expand his power. He did it by means of knight's order- God warriors, who had to convert all atheistic Tartars- Orthodox, Muslims and pagans into true Catholic faith. We see that Orthodoxies and Catholics called each others “Tartars”. It is clear: every one thought himself to be a slave of God, but the opponent – a slave of Devil.

Vatican sent several orders to the North-East to establish “order” in Russian lands. One of them was called the Order of Golden Cross. Its headquarter was situated in the district of Tatra in Sarajevo city (the present capital of Bosnia). Isn’t it was a prototype of Golden Horde and its capital Saray? Chronicle expressions like “came from Tatrove” and asked tribute, the scholars represented to us like “tatars came” or came from “Tatariya”, which is obvious archness. Gradually, strange consonant “german” conception “tatra” and “tartar” were substituted by one “Russian” word Tatars.

Russian Princes maintained to keep the loyalty for Orthodox and their King, who was banished from Tzargrad. The Order of Golden Cross put them under tribute and enforced to convert into Catholicism. Under the pressure of emperor of Nikeysk Russian Princes dropped off the Catholics, because of which they were exposed to dragoon by force of knight's order. Russian principalities found themselves between two fires. They had to change their faith twice. And in both cases because of atheistic Tartars- either Catholics or Orthodoxies. It was not a life, but entire Tatar yoke.

The emperor of Nikeysk Lascaris made an attempt to occupy Constantinople from the North, from Balkan Peninsula with the help of Byzantium ex-subjects – the Russian Princes. Having passed through Caucuses, he gave the fight on the Kalka River, where he defeated Pope’s vassals. Then he started the campaign against Volga Bolgaria, but he was smashed. After ten years his successor John Vatatz (for the Russian chronicles he was Batiy) established on the lower Volga his own headquarters. In 1236 he managed to conquer Bolgar city. After this he started to the Russian principalities. They rejected the obedience request of Prince of Ryazan and Vladimir. Vatats conquered Ryazan in 1237 and Vladimir in 1238. On the place of Jury Vladimirsky he appointed his brother, the Prince Yaroslav of Suzdal. Vatats saw a loyal ally in the person of Yaroslav’s son, Prince Alexander of Novgorod. He showed his loyalty to Orthodox King Alexander at Neva battle (1240) and at the Battle on the Ice (1242), having repulsed the dragoons of the crusaders. That’s why it is not a surprise that knights (of the Golden Order?) got even with him for this, and Russian Orthodox Church canonized him. In 1240 Vatatz conquered Kiev and started to the West. Having enlarged his army with Russian regiments, he smashed the army of the Hungarian King and started to Balkan Peninsular. Here his power was recognized by Bulgaria and Fessalonika. Here in 1241 we have a coincidence not only in names ( Vatats- Batiy) but also in place and time, after all, at the same time according to the traditional version Vatata and Batiy were on the Balkan Peninsular with their armies, without disturbing each other. It is the best evidence of the fact that Russians chronologies described affairs of Vatats under the name of Batiy.

As time went by Emperor of Nikeysk converted into Islam, his dynasty became Turkish speaking, but his idea of returning to Constantinople he managed to realize, having won from Catholics in 1453, what is known as Turkish conquest of Constantinople. After it Grand Prince John III Vasiljevich of Moscow (1462-1505), referring to the friendly relationships with Khan Mengly- Gerey of Crimea – the ally of Turkey, had ceased to pay tribute to the Pope(The Gold Cross Order) from 1480, and thus 240 years of jugum tartaricum had been stopped. It was not a fortuitous coincidence: Tatar yoke, having started simultaneously with the crusades, and conquers of Constantinople, had stopped at the same time with them: Muslims being the ally of Orthodoxies had won the Catholics, won back Tsargrad from them. Of course pontifex maximus wanted to recoup himself. With this aim he instigated Orthodoxies to be ally to him against Moslems. There were contracted several unions between Orthodoxy and Catholic Churches. But the established blamed memory about Tatar yoke among Slavic World hampered too much to aspiration of Catholics for union with Orthodoxies. It was necessary for Vatican to rub off unsuitable memories. The best way was to arrogate the fact of invasion to somebody. With this aim Catholics “diffused” tartars along the Asia, and The Great Khan was near to be “thrown” to China. When the fact, that it was impossible to “produce” a yoke from Transbaikalia in tilt carts for migration due to the great distance, was discovered, they pronounced that “Golden Horde” with its capital Saray was situated in the Lower Volga.

By the way, that’s why Saray city on the Volga River has not been found up till now. Though, more ancient city Bolgar on the Volga River has been maintained and was described by scholars over many centuries. Even Peter I visited Bolgar city and ordered to Kazan governor to draw up a list of buildings and to take measures to protect them. The Greek name of crusaders “tartars” spread on all Muslim peoples in Crimea and the Lower Volga regions, it labeled on them the affairs of crusaders and nikeys. Geographical and ethnical differences of Chinese Mongolia and the Golden Horde of the Lower Volga (Tataria) demanded the explanations, but medieval scholars did not bother themselves with explanations, and later just “unified” the population of mythic Mongolia with not less mythic Tataria, had thought out an impossible ethnos of Mongol-Tatar.

In such way the wealth of historical events of Catholic and Orthodoxy Churches struggling for Constantinople was reduced to common denominator. The aim of such historical falsification was to get rid of mutual outrages, put everything on nomads who suspected nothing, and to provide ideologically the union of Christian States and unified under the hegemony of the Pope. Today the public opinion is sure that Tatar yoke was Asiatic and even Moslem. Since this falsehood was repeated many times! And the idea turned to be very convenient- let’s face it! The Christians are represented as the angles, who suffered in the name of God and who saved the world from wild Tatars. All the winners describe themselves like this, imposing their sins on losers – it is a usual human practice. For Russia which always remains behind the West, it is a ready answer for typically Russian question: Who is to blame? Even V.V.Pozner did not shy to use it in his show, devoted to the question which is far from history: the Russians treatment of private property.


The most interesting fact in this story is that historical science doesn’t reveal any fact proving the existence of Tatar nation in the mythic Golden Horde (or somewhere). There was no such nation in the nature. They called each other Tartars - Tatars, and themselves – never. Even in XIX century, when all Moslems in Russia were called Tatars, the Great Russian historian Karamzin N.M. wrote in “The History of the Russian State”: “No one of the present Tatar nations calls themselves Tatars, but each one is called by the special name of their territory”. For example, Kazan Tatars called themselves Bulgarians- Moslems.

The lie logics required to create the Tatar nation. It was created by the Russian government of Bolsheviks. In 1920 Lenin signed the decree on formation of the Tatar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, prepared by people's commissar Stalin. According to this decree there were cast aspersions on Volga Bulgarians, they are Tatars and they were obliged by force to be called Tatars. It was a genocide act of Volga Bulgarian nation: with a stroke of the pen Volga Bulgarians were liquidated as a nation and turned into Tatars. Their spiritual heritage, in particular history, was forbidden and the false Mongolian Tatar history was imposed on them.

Resistance of nation to such humiliation of national dignity, appeared in the form of “Revolt of Vilochniki” (1920), was cruelly stifled by active forces, which used the method of mass shooting, and then organization of terrible famine in 1921-1922, this was acts of genocide too. Here the Pope didn’t directly have a hand in, but, probably was glad that Bolsheviks realized his idea: created Tatar nation, existing of which spoke Christendom and the whole world for a long time, falling into sin of mistake. Life in sin. And the result of it is Stalin with Hitler. Without God and conscience. They showed themselves in the same way: the Saviors of the mankind, surrounded by the evil and guileful enemies – inhuman enough.


One of the greatest falsifier of the history was Stalin. Even the facts of the present day he compelled his subjects to perceive only in black and white: all bad is intrigues of enemies, all positive is the result of his wise policy. It is simple skill, but very effective for forming of love to him and hate to enemies. The results are impressive: God alive, the Pope, probably, never was adored so much. Naturally it was not easy to those whom he declared enemies or Tatars.

“Noticeable spirit of chauvinism among Russian exist not only against me, but to all Tatar population of village Bogdanovo, where among general number (78) of farms there are only 17 Tatar farms, and other overwhelming majority is Russian. From this chauvinism Tatars groan, but being intimidated, they can’t apply to the center, and local administration looks through their fingers at this”. This is letter of Tatar school teacher Aziza Rakhimovna Shirinskaya to Stalin. In 1930 she addressed a telegram to him with request to protect her from “cruel roisterings of Commissioner KadomskY RICK Ivanov. I can’t work; the idea of committing suicide is imposed”. Aziza was shot. We fight – the devil rules.

True historical science unambiguously thinks that Kazan Tatars are Volga Bulgarians and to call them Tatars is wrong. Under this question there is a decision of special scientific session of the Academy of science of USSR of 1946. But false history triumphs over: schools teach the conception of ethnogeny of Kazan Tatars as newcomers from Mongolia, as creators of “damned” Golden Horde. Propaganda of false nationional history serves to the interests of policy of humiliation of people’s national dignity and kindling of international hate and enmity. It is ideological reason of appearance of such deformed phenomenon as Russian fascism. It is obvious that the Tatar yoke exists in the people’s perception as monster. The Pope and his followers poisoned the world with false information. That’s why the Pope, the holiest among all saints, put his sins on us. We, the Volga Bulgarians, carry a burden of his sins, we are officially called Tatars – people of hell, living in Tatarstan – the country of hell.


Well understanding the negative influence the Tatar yoke on ideology of Russians and Tatars, the ruling regime of the Republic of Tatarstan is aimed at reestablishing justice. Probably for this it will be enough to proclaim the historical truth, to remove the lie and everything will stand into places: the Tatar yoke will be overthrown from public perception. Russians will cry: we are free from lie, the black band of hate and anger fell down from our eyes. Long life to Volga Bulgaria! But triumph of love doesn’t suit Kazan politicians. Policy of evaluations’ replacement is carried out. “Twos” are replaced by “fives”. Everything that was painted in black, the staff of Historical Institute of RT now shall paint in white. And it turns out that the Golden Horde and the Tatar yoke are progressive phenomena in the history of Russia. The Mongolian Tatar yoke threw off the Russian not back for 250 years, but vise versa, pushed, speeded up the development. Tatars taught Russians everything. “Tatar” sounds proudly, and it isn’t an abusive word, is doesn’t mean atheist, inhabitant of Hell. Tatars are the great nation, we have the great past, and we are the great nation. And naturally the leader of the Tatar nation – the saint, is not worse then the Pope. Superiority, praising themselves and humiliating the others, is so easy to achieve. But replacing Great Russian chauvinism into great Tatar one, the moral atmosphere in the society will not change to the best. Who was below will be above, making a lot of noise. And nothing else. Lie ruled and will rule, directing people against each other. For the triumph of justice, we need equality based on Truth.

Immoral history is one of the foundations of social immorality. While for everything Mongolian Tatars are guilty, the Russians are not ashamed for lag as compared with the leading countries. The soul is asleep. Irresponsibility for the happening neutralizes the competitiveness, and GDP (gross domestic product) doesn’t double. It is necessary for our country to show examples of high morality: to clean the history from lie and to confess to innocently offended Volga Bulgarians. For this there is no need in money and time. It is enough to have mind and good will. The example of the USA is very instructive. It is high time to Russia to apologize officially for the policy of slander and genocide towards Volga Bulgarians.

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